Joshua Mackenroth is a seasoned litigator & former corporate counsel having 17 years of progressive experience in business law & litigation, personal injury, commercial transactions, intellectual property, regulatory compliance & employment law.

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Law Office Of Joshua D, Mackenroth, APC



Business Litigation, Contracts & Preventative Law


Anyone who has been through the break up of a business will tell you it can be as volitale and hard fought as a bitter divorce. When a competitor or former business partner threatens your livlihood however, sometimes litigation is the only alternative. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Finance, Joshua Mackenroth has extensive knowledge and experience handling business litigation. Whether it's a small partnership dissolutions or a high stakes corporate lawsuits involving millions of dollars, he understands the seriousness of the dispute and knows how to move swiftly, forcefully, and take whatever legal actions are necessary to remove the threat to your business.


Outside the courtroom, companies doing business locally, nationally, and internationally have relied on him to negotiate complex business deals, stay current with regulatory requirements, and develop creative solutions to legal impediments that affect the bottom line.


Personal Injury - Negligence


Automobile & Premises Liability:


Joshua Mackenroth has worked as a claims representative, insurance defense attorney and corporate counsel for insurance companies for nearly fifteen years. He knows how insurance companies work and what motivates them to pay the damages you suffered at the hands of their insured. With his extensive background in the insurance industry, Mr. Mackenroth can effectively handle your personal injury case whether it's because of an automobile accident or a slip and fall injury at someone else's premises.


Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents:


If you are a rider, you're in good company. Joshua Mackenroth shares your passion for riding, and his former clients include several non-profit rganizations dedicated to protecting the sport for future generations to enjoy and the safety of everyone who participates. As a fellow rider, Mr. Mackenroth knows the difficulties injured riders often face. He knows how to effectively present your side of the story from the rider's perspective whether it's to an insurance company representative or in front of a jury.


Insurance Law, Producer Liability & Bad Faith


If you are an industry professional looking for an attorney that understands your business, you've come to the right place. Virtually all of Mr. Mackenroth's legal career has been spent as an insider in the insurance industry. After serving as the General Counsel for the very first Risk Purchasing Group ever formed in California, he went on to become the Assistant General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer for one of the largest privately held insurance agencies in the United States. For consumers, he knows how to tell if your insurance company is treating you fairly and what to do if they aren't.


Employment Law


Are you starting to think your boss is setting you up to get fired in the name of "corporate downsizing?" Perhaps co-workers have started to distance themselves from you a little, like they know something you don't. Or maybe your computer is actingstrange, and you don't have access to certain files anymore. If you are over 40, disabled, or recently spoke out against certain business practices you felt were wrong, the reason they say you were fired might not be the real reason at all. California is an "At Will" state, meaning that employers don't need a reason to fire you. However, they can't fire you for the wrong reason. You owe it to yourself to find out.
Joshua D. Mackenroth handles wrongful termination cases, including:


Discrimination based on Gender, Race, Age, Disability and Religion


Sexual Harassment


Family & Medical Leave


Whistleblower & Retaliation


Political Activities outside the workplace.





Law Office Of Joshua D, Mackenroth, APC

2534 State St. Ste # 407 San Diego, CA 92101


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